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ElaLucas Lenses

The Elalucas contact lens service offers individual fittings.  In May 2012 Elaine was awarded a fellowship of the British Contact Lens Association.

Each appointment will involve an individual corneal measurement, refraction and assessment of your tear film. The appropriate lens will be chosen to maintain maximum ocular health and suit your life style. 

Some examples of lens fittings carried out are listed below:

  • Keratoconic lenses: Kerasoft IC, Rose K2 ,RoseK Soft, Semi Scleral and Scleral lenses and Hybrid lenses

  • Post Lasik lenses.

  • Post Corneal Graft , Rigid gas permeable lenses

  • Hybrid Lenses: eg Cantor Hybrid 

  • All types of soft contacts lenses including daily, monthly, toric and progressive lenses.

MYOPIC control: with Ortho K, Misight and Naturalvue soft dailies.

Useful Links:


For more information on Keratoconus please click here to access the Rose K Website


Please email to further discuss your needs.

Existing customers:


Please contact me here

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