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Private Eye Examinations

Elaine provides detailed eye examinations including testing for: Dry Eye, Glaucoma, Age related changes and Cataracts. 

You will receive a private prescription and your eye health will be fully discussed with you.

Dry Eye Treatments available: at BHT optometry

Our Pharmacy stocks Dry Kits as well as individual Eyedrops and lid wipes.


Other tests available at :

Tear Lab: For Tear OSMOLARITY

Visual Field Analysis

Optical Coherence Tomography (Retinal Mapping, for early detection of Age related Macular Degeneration)

Topography (Corneal mapping)


Fundus Photography

Hess Chart

A direct referral for a Consultant Ophthalmic opinion can also be arranged.

When I visited Elaine, I could not see much out of my left eye, after a few visits I could see again. I can't pay her anymore of a testament than this. P.s Elaine is great to be around, extremely positive, goes the extra mile and takes alot of pride in her work. 
I have a high myopic prescription, prefer wearing contact lenses to glasses, however I always struggled wearing them but thanks to Elaine Lucas she helped me overcome these issues. She has a very sincere care and approach. 
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